Tablet PCs dip under $1000 mark

Element Computers, which is currently Slashdotted and C|Net'd, has managed to produce a Linux-based Tablet PC for under $1000. The Helium 2100 has a 14.1" XGA screen, 1GHz VIA Antaur processor, 256MB of RAM, 30GB hard drive, and swiveling screen that can turn the tablet into a more traditional laptop. Wi-Fi isn't integrated into the Helium, but the tablet has a PCMCIA slot for an external wireless card.

The 2100's $999 base price is quite a bit cheaper than its Windows-based Tablet PC competition, which could make the Helium attractive for business and industrial applications. However, apart from students who need to take symbolic or graphic notes, there still don't seem to be many consumer applications for Tablet PCs.

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