NetCell makes bold "RAID XL" performance claims

— 4:02 AM on December 3, 2003

EBN has the scoop on NetCell, a new player in the RAID business. NetCell's TD6405 introduces RAID XL, a new array type that promises impressive performance.

The company's Turbo-Disk chip uses 64- or 32-bit word transfers and a dedicated parity hard drive to transfer data in parallel across multiple drives. That contrasts with traditional techniques of using 64-Kbyte block data transfers across one drive at a time.

NetCell said that its RAID XL mode delivers sustained sequential reads at up to 200Mbytes/s and sequential writes at up to 110Mbytes/s, significantly faster than existing RAID 5 controllers. The company also claims its chip offers much higher data protection and reliability than RAID 5.

The TS6405 is designed to work with up to ten "parallel" ATA drives, but can be bridged to work with Serial ATA gear. The chip is compatible with 32- and 64-bit PCI busses and supports up to 512MB of cache memory, too.
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