For $70K, I'll attack your computer . . . pointed me to this story at the San Jose Mercury News site. This database engineer at Internet Trading Technologies was apparently convinced he wasn't making enough money. So he told his employers that if they didn't give him "more money, job security and equity," he wasn't going to help consultants and other employees learn the company's new operating system.

I can't imagine that something like that would sit well with the company, since it basically amounts to extortion, but they responded better than I thought they would (I thought they'd fire the guy). They offered him "a $70,000 raise, $50,000 in stock options and a one-year contract . . ." He turned them down, and then allegedly used a computer at a previous job to launch an attack on his present employer's computers that took them down for several hours over the course of three days.

So now, he's sitting in the pokey, facing up to five years in jail. If he's convicted, I'm sure his job prospects will be just great when he gets out, too. I think he should go for an insanity defense; anybody who prefers incarceration to $70K more a year and $50K in stock options shouldn't have too much trouble convincing a jury he's nuts. I believe it already.

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