Creative buys Sensaura

According to this report over at The Inquirer, Creative has purchased Sensaura for $6.4 million. Sensaura licenses 3D audio technology to Guillemot/Hercules, VideoLogic, M-Audio, Audiotrak, Voyetra Turtle Beach, Terratec, ESS, Cirrus Crystal Logic, Analog Devices, C-Media, NVIDIA, Realtek, Yamaha, and VIA Technologies, which together pretty much represent the segment of the PC audio market that Creative doesn't already control. Sensaura provides the 3D audio engine embedded in nearly all of these manufacturers' device drivers, supplying capabilities for DirectSound3D and EAX. Some chips can do DSP-style acceleration for Sensaura's routines, while others do not, but the technology is licensed from Sensaura, regardless.

Compared with the $28 million Creative paid to kill off Aureal over three years ago, Sensaura went for a song. This is a much bigger deal than Aureal, too. With Sensaura's assets, Creative now controls the 3D audio technology for pretty much the entire PC audio market.

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