MSI to introduce nForce2 Mega PC in January

DigiTimes has the goods on MSI's next "Mega" small form factor system. The Mega 180 will be based on NVIDIA's nForce2 chipset, though it's unclear whether the system will have SoundStorm-certified audio and Dolby Digital encoding capabilities. The Mega 180 will reportedly be available in January and be followed by a Mega PC for Athlon 64 processors in the second quarter of next year.

Back in June, we took a look at the Mega 651, MSI's first stab at the small form factor market. At the time, the Mega 651's hinged drive bay cover, LCD display, integrated memory card reader, remote control, and Hi-Fi mode were fresh new features for the small form factor world, but the cube was ultimately held back by its dated SiS 651 chipset. Let's hope the same doesn't happen with the Mega 180, which should be on more solid chipset ground with the nForce2.

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