Judge calls SCO out

A Utah judge has given SCO 30 days to identify code that Linux allegedly lifted from Unix:
SCO has stated that the documents requested by the court are the System V source code, the license agreements, and the Linux 2.4 kernel, but interrogatories filed during discovery indicate the burden of proof is on SCO. "SCO should be required immediately to identify -- by product, file and line of code -- all of the alleged trade secrets and any confidential or proprietary information that SCO alleges or contends IBM misappropriated or misused. There is no reason it cannot, and should not be required to, do this," reads an addendum to IBM's counter-claim, Civil No. 2:03cv0294.
If SCO is bluffing, we'll know in a month. Even if SCO has an ace in the hole, the necessary Linux components can always be rewritten to clean out any proprietary Unix code.

Thanks to Ars Technica for the tip.

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