VIA hints at next Athlon 64 chipsets

This interview over at Viper Lair reveals some interesting information about VIA's next Athlon 64 chipset, the K8T800 Pro:
Also early in Q1 04, VIA will introduce the K8T800 Pro chipset for the new 939-pin AMD Athlon 64. The new chipset will include all leading edge features of the K8T800 with the addition of 1GHz HyperTransport FSB and Asynchronous bus design. Several VIA motherboard customers are also planning to introduce 754-pin Athlon 64 motherboards based on the K8T800 Pro.
The K8T800 Pro is being squarely targeted at PC enthusiasts and overclockers, though there's no mention of whether the chipset will get a new south bridge with integrated Gigabit Ethernet. After the K8T800 Pro, VIA will reportedly dive right into PCI Express and DDR2 for the K8T890 Pro.
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