Ubisoft locks out virtual drive users

Ubisoft is using questionable tactics to combat piracy with its latest patch for Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield. Check it out:
It turns out that Ubisoft implented code into the RVS 1.5 patch which checks PCs for ANY clone or virtual drive programs and then fails to launch the game if such devices or programs are found. What this has in turn done is disabled thousands of consumers who use programs like Daemon Tools, CloneCD or Alcohol 120% from playing their Ubisoft games even if they have their own physical cds in an actual drive.
Given that virtual drive programs have plenty of completely legal applications, it's discouraging to see Ubisoft take such an aggressive stance. If Ubisoft were simply preventing Raven Shield from running correctly from a virtual drive, this wouldn't be a big deal. However, the latest version of Raven Shield won't run at all if you have a virtual drive program installed on your system, regardless of whether you're actually using it with the game in any way, or have the original game disc in your CD ROM drive.

Ubisoft claims to be covered by the game's EULA, and with all the fine print, they probably are. What's next? Games refusing to run if a file sharing app is installed?

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