VIA brass sound clarion over allegations

Details of the incident that led to charges against top VIA officials have emerged, and apparently the whole episode can be chalked up to a misunderstanding. This interview with one of the accused explains that test code for a D-Link switch appeared on a FTP site run by VIA; among the clients with access to the site is D-Link. Attention was drawn to VIA after the company was unable to recover logs indicating who had uploaded the code. Chang's dubious career moves and payroll irregularities further fueled suspicions, but it appears there is merely the smell of fish and nothing more. At a press conference earlier this week, VIA chairwoman Cher Wang admitted that her company initially mishandled the situation, and with the authorization of D-Link, announced that the incident was a mix-up that could have been avoided, had there been better communication between the two companies.

The current status of charges against VIA's top execs is unknown.

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