Optima claims CD burner patent infringement

C|Net is reporting that a small company called Optima Technology has filed a copyright infringement suit against Roxio. Optima's patent abstract is below:
The Recording Technique provides a directory which indicates the location of only the last version of any stored information or modified entry of stored information, prior versions being transparent to the operating system. The Recording Technique further provides a directory recorded on the CDROM which is transportable to other computers having the Recording Technique installed thereon. As a result, the user of a computer with a CDROM reader will interface with the CDROM in the same manner as with a non-volatile memory device that is read only.
A number of standards adopted by the Optical Storage Technology Association allegedly infringe on Optima's patent, which could spell trouble for many in the CD burner industry. The OSTA's membership list includes 12 members and 44 associates, including Roxio, Ahead, Microsoft, Apple, Sony, HP, and others.
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