50+ gamer demographic growing

Evil Avatar pointed me to this article at the Palm Beach Post, which suggests that old folks are getting their gaming groove on, too.
Older gamers say they are attracted to computer games because they improve personal reflexes and provide a link with grandchildren.

They also keep one's mind active and don't require a partner to play, a plus for anyone who lives alone or is confined to their home.

Codemasters, one of Britain's largest game developers, found in a survey that many gray gamers play almost every day for between one and three hours at a time, and that some play for up to eight hours on a regular basis.

Falling prices on game consoles and the widespread availability of broadband Internet are being given some of the credit for getting older demographics into gaming, but I have to wonder if a lack of new Matlock episodes has also played a role. Either way, some surveys are showing that up to 17% of gamers are over the age of 50, which means that punk who keeps hunting you down in Desert Combat might be old enough to be your father.
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