The sound of two hands clapping

If you were wondering whether news was still slow from New Year's, here's a pretty good indicator: I'm doing a writeup on a story about the technology of the Clapper. That's right, the annoyingly overadvertised device that turns lamps, televisions (presumably ancient, remoteless televisions) and more on or off with a clap of the hands.

There are a couple of entertaining tidbits in the article, like the fact that the Clapper has evolved from an analog device sporting 60 components to one containing only a handful. Another fun fact: a system sound in Windows 98 contains the "unique frequency of clapping."

There may be trouble ahead, though. An engineer interviewed for the article proclaims "Since 1997 we haven't touched a line of code." Sounds like an invitation to hackers to me. How long until we hear about the first buffer overflow discovered on the Clapper software? More importantly, if someone wrote a virus based on the exploit, could they resist calling it the Clap?

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