Friday night topic: Winners and losers of '03

We've all seen the various media compilations marking the end of one year and the beginning of another, but what about you? Who are your winners and losers in tech in 2003?

I'll start by making my nominations. The biggest winner for '03 in PC hardware had to be ATI, whose R3x0 chips dominated the graphics space for a good, long time. The R3x0 has proven to be much stronger than expected compared to the competition, and those who bought an R300-based product early on have to be pleased with its longevity. NVIDIA gained ground on ATI late in the year by revising its NV3x chips and aggressively cutting prices, but ATI seemed willing to give up a little ground in order to keep margins fat. So long as the extra cash funds development of the Next Big Thing, I can definitely respect that.

My loser for the year is the recording industry, who played the part of useless middleman to perfection by bullying its own customers and largely failing, for yet another year, to adjust to the new realities of content distribution. Of course, adjusting to a new reality is never easy when its coming signifies the onset of one's own extinction.

Who are your nominees for '03 winners and losers? Discuss.

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