Rambus resurgent?

We've discussed some of 2003's highs-and-lows, but we haven't really mentioned Rambus around these parts lately except for this sobering news post a while back. To many of you, Rambus may be persona non grata, but a recent guilty plea by one of Micron's executives and a surprising stock spike last week indicate that the tide may be turning in favor of Rambus.
Rambus shares rose $3.27, or more than 12 percent, to close at $29.77 Tuesday, following a Monday story by Bloomberg reporting that Micron might admit to price-fixing amid a broader grand jury probe. Shares were up another 3.6 percent, or $1.08, to $30.85 in midday trading Wednesday.
This Forbes article suggests that a fin de siecle miracle is in the offing for Rambus. With some legal victories behind them, they aren't going to go away quietly, that's for sure. Things should get more interesting in 2004, so stay tuned.
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