What's up with NVIDIA's new drivers

— 12:07 AM on March 23, 2000

They did it with the Riva 128. They did it with the TNT. Now they're doing it with the GeForce. After the cards are released, have been tested and evaluated, and have done well, NVIDIA goes and kicks out a driver update that increases performance, adds features, and generally makes the competition start snacking on Zantac.

The best article I've seen yet on NVIDIA's leaked-but-not-released 5.08 drivers is this one at 3DColony. They're got screenshots galore showing off the full-screen anti-aliasing (before and after), and S3 Texture Compression capabilities in 5.08. I expect the GeForce's environmental bump mapping abilities will be better exploited in the release version of these drivers, as well. If every 3D chip maker did drivers as good as NVIDIA's, the competing 3D hardware out there would be much, much more competitive.

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