Introducing a multi-user SFF PC

Here is some Sunday reading for you. Many of us here continue to be fascinated by SFF PC's, but leave it to Jetway to introduce a novel concept. The MiniQ MagicTwin is a barebone system especially designed for simultaneous use by two people.
The MiniQ MagicTwin series barebone system is the world’s first multi-user enabled SFF solution available in the market. The special designed 2-user-system allows two users to share the computing power of a single PC system. With integrated circuitry onboard, the MagicTwin® barebone comes with innovative software, the MagicTwin, allowing 2 users to be connected to it and runs up to two (2) stations directly from it simultaneously. The unique and copyright-protected technology enables each of the 2 users to feel like having himself his own Windows-XP computer. Each user needs to have himself his own keyboard, mouse, sound device, and monitor. All remaining PC hardware are shared, even the IP.
Maybe Santa left one of these in your Christmas stocking. A box chart listing specs for different models can be found here.
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