The next 550E?

Of course, if the 550E is replacing the 300A, just wait 'til we get our hands on a new Coppermine-based Celeron. Check out the report about these babies. Here's the most important part to note:
The Intel processors coming next week will represent an evolutionary step forward for Celeron. Not only will the chips contain multimedia extensions, they will be the first chips made on the more advanced 0.18-micron process, which can open the door to a variety of benefits.

As a result, the chips also will contain 256KB of secondary cache, a performance-enhancing feature on the Pentium III, Brookwood said. On the Celerons, however, Intel is disabling half of the cache so the chip can only take advantage of 128KB of the cache.

I believe the overclocking community, Oda-san, and a few slotket manufacturers may have something to say about that disabled L2 cache on the new Celerons. Don'tcha think?
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