64-bit Windows XP far from prime time?

The Inquirer has published an interesting letter suggesting that Microsoft's 64-bit version of Windows XP is far from ready for prime time.
Working with build 1069, it's fairly clear that not only are the hardware vendors having a great deal of difficulty in writing to the driver models, and that the 'WOW' 32-bit emulator is somewhat fussy about the code fed to it, but that the core OS components themselves are constantly teetering on the edge of implosion. Even very simplistic commands like requesting 'Properties' for a Broadcom Ethernet adapter can bring about a system-wide meltdown from which the only escape is the Big Red Switch.
I've heard from at least one major hardware vendor that writing drivers for 64-bit Windows is "far from trivial," which adds some credibility to the letter's claims. The fact that neither Microsoft nor AMD is willing to provide a timetable for the operating system's release isn't encouraging, either.
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