Macworld keynote coverage posted

MacCentral has coverage of Steve Jobs' Macworld keynote address, which introduced the much-rumored mini iPod. The mini iPod will come in four colors, have 4GB of storage, and cost $249. At half an inch thick and about the same size as a business card, the new iPod is certainly mini, but its price tag is a far cry from the $99 rumors. The new mini iPods are compatible with both Macs and PCs and will ship in the US next month.

On the processor front, Apple failed to deliver on rumors of faster G5s. Instead, Jobs announced that the G5 would be coming to Apple's 1U Xserve line in single and dual-processor configurations. Jobs also announced upgrades to Apple's Xserve RAID systems, but it appears that the Power Mac line was left untouched.

The bulk of Jobs' presentation seems to focus on software; Microsoft Office 2004, iLife 04, and a new application called GarageBand were all demoed during the keynote. Jobs also announced that the iTunes Music Store's track library has grown to half a million songs, and that the store has sold 30 million tracks.

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