Xserve G5s dabble in 0.09-micron tech

TR regular Thresher was the first to point out that Apple's new Xserve G5 systems use 0.09-micron G5 chips from IBM. G5-powered Xserves can be ordered now, which means Apple could be the first manufacturer to ship systems with chips fabricated using 0.09-micron process technology. Of course, IBM really deserves the credit for G5 fabrication, but since the company's own servers use PowerPC 970 processors at only 1.6GHz, it looks like Apple will be the first to bring 0.09-micron to market.

It's encouraging to see that IBM's 0.09-micron fabrication tech is good enough to churn out 2GHz G5s for Apple's Xserve systems, especially considering the cooling challenges presented by 1U chassis. With 0.09-micron G5 production on track, it's probably only a matter of time before Apple brings the G5 to its PowerBook notebook line and starts turning up the clock speed of its PowerMac "desktop" systems. Only time will tell whether Steve Jobs' assertion that G5s will be running at 3GHz this summer was too optimistic, but I doubt the G5s will stagnate at 2GHz for long.

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