Online music store demos demand-driven pricing

Everyone from Apple to Wal Mart seems to have their own online music store these days, but despite a growing selection of online song vendors, the price of music downloads has remained pretty consistent. MusicRebellion, however, is doing things a little differently.
A little known online music store is experimenting with a new pricing system in which most songs start out costing a dime, and their prices fluctuate from there based on customer demand.

MusicRebellion, a site that has gone largely unnoticed in the furor over larger companies such as Apple Computer's iTunes and the new Napster, is offering the promotion largely as a way to show off parent company Digonex's demand-driven pricing technology.

MusicRebellion's demand-driven prices may not last forever, but they're an interesting idea that could become more popular as music services look to differentiate themselves against a growing list of competitors.
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