ATI brings GLQuake to cell phones

AnandTech's CES Day 3 coverage has a quick look at ATI's new Imageon 2300 graphics chip in action. ATI claims that the Imageon 2300 is the first graphics chip to bring hardware acceleration to a mobile platform, and the first to be OpenGL ES 1.0 compliant. The Imageon 2300 integrates 2D and 3D graphics functionality with an MPEG4 video decoder, a JPEG encoder/decoder, and a two-megapixel camera processing engine.
The ATI Imageon 2300 drives the 3D graphics acceleration on the cell phone platform pictured above, running MotoGP in OpenGL ES mode at around 25 fps. What is even more impressive is that the same hardware can run GLQuake I at around 35 - 40 fps; if you remember back to the days of GLQuake, 35 - 40 fps is about the speed that a Voodoo1 would have given you at 640x480.
While everyone seems to be talking about the Imageon 2300's potential cell phone applications, the chip also seems ideal for PDAs, gaming devices, and portable media players.
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