Anand rolls out AMD roadmap

— 12:21 PM on January 13, 2004

Anandtech has published an AMD processor roadmap that sets release quarters for upcoming Athlon 64 processors. The roadmap is loaded with goodies, including Socket 754 Athlon XP processors rated at 2800+ and 3000+, 0.09-micron chips, and a full line of Socket 939 Athlon 64s.

According to the roadmap, AMD will continue to differentiate its Socket 754 chips based on clock speed and cache size, which could end up confusing customers. While the Athlon 64 3400+ is currently available at 2.2GHz with 1MB of L2 cache, a second Athlon 64 3400+ will apparently be released in the second quarter of the year at 2.4GHz with only 512KB of L2.

On the Socket 939 front, chips will also be divided by clock speed and cache size, but processors with 1MB of L2 cache will be identified by the Athlon 64 "FX" moniker. The roadmap shows Socket 939 Athlon 64 FX-55 and Athlon 64 4000+ processors available with clock speeds of 2.6GHz in Q4 of this year.

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