A look back at the 3D graphics market

— 11:49 AM on January 20, 2004

While some of us bemoan that we have hit a lull in the consumer graphics market, FiringSquad takes time out to look back at the 3D industry's forgotten players of yesteryear. Imagine sitting around a campfire with some marshmellows as FS weaves a sometimes wistful tale of blind ambition and missed opportunities.

Today, ATI and NVIDIA dominate the graphics industry. It wasn't always like this -- in fact, it was the complete opposite. In this article, we're going to go back... going back to the heyday of 3D graphics and looking at the forgotten stories of the era and see how they ultimately shaped the gaming industry today. Think of it as a window back in time or a techie vesion of E! True Hollywood Story.
The graphics companies considered are PowerVR, S3, Matrox, and ATI (pre-Radeon 9700). 3dfx? Their travails have already been well-chronicled.
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