SCO sues Novell

SCO has issued a press release announcing that it has filed suit against Novell.
"SCO takes this action today given Novell's recent and repeated announcements regarding their claimed ownership of the UNIX and UnixWare copyrights. SCO has received many questions about Novell's actions from potential customers, investors and the press. Although SCO owns the UNIX and UnixWare copyrights, Novell's efforts to claim ownership of these copyrights has forced this action," said Mark Heise, partner, Boies, Schiller and Flexner, LLP. "We encourage the public and commercial Linux users to read the Asset Purchase Agreement from 1995 (including Attachment E found at and Amendment 2 so they can see for themselves that SCO owns the copyrights to UNIX and UnixWare."
SCO alleges that Novell has committed acts of bad faith. You can read the original complaint here.
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