A peek at MSI's next MEGA PC?

The guys at t-break have apparently gotten their hands on some juicy info about MSI's upcoming MEGA PC 180. This box looks even better, decked out in black with blue-silver accents, than the original MEGA651 we reviewed a while back. MSI seems to be going great guns for the home-theater PC crowd, packing in software with a "10-foot GUI," TV playback with time-shifting, radio tuning, and—my favorite, as you might imagine—karaoke with DSP effects!

MSI's big problem with MEGA, at least so far, seems to be time to market. The MEGA 180 we saw at Quakecon was based on the nForce2 chipset and supposed to arrive in September '03. By now, nForce2 is old news, and I consider it a relatively poor choice for an HTPC system because of Athlon XP's relatively pokey video encoding performance. The P4 and Athlon 64 are quite a bit faster. Still, it's not entirely too late yet. Let's hope MSI can push the MEGA 180 out the door soon.

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