ATI overtakes NVIDIA in graphics market share

Intel is still on top of the graphics market with a 31.7% share thanks to sales of its chipsets with built-in graphics, but ATI pushed NVIDIA into third place in the fourth quarter of '03, grabbing 24.9% of the graphics market. NVIDIA was just behind at 24.7%, according to Mercury Research numbers released last night, making the green-eyeshade types on Wall Street worry about NVIDIA's revenue estimates.

I'm curious to see what happens with revenues and profits here, too. On the strength of its R300-series GPUs, ATI seems to be shipping products with performance roughly equivalent to NVIDIA-based cards that have faster (and thus more expensive) memory. Then there's the case of the GeForce FX 5900XT, a bargain for buyers that has to be a tricky proposition in terms of profits.

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