Intel gives wink, knowing look over 64-bit support

Deciphering Intel's utterances about 64-bit support has become a sport amongst folks watching the scene, but this latest statement from Intel's COO is the strongest hint yet that Intel may bring 64-bit extensions to its Pentium line. Precise wording is important in deconstructing these things, so I'll just lay it out there for you. From the Reuters report:
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 28 (Reuters) - Intel Corp. (NasdaqNM:INTC - News) President and Chief Operating Officer Paul Otellini on Wednesday said the world's largest chip maker would likely give its 32-bit microprocessors an upgrade to 64 bits once supporting software becomes available.

"You can be fairly confident that when there is software from an application and operating system standpoint that we'll be there," Otellini said, responding to a question about 64-bit technology, in an interview with a Wall Street analyst that was broadcast over the Web.

Now, mix that in with the latest guesstimates about the timetable for Windows XP 64-bit Edition, stir in a grain of salt, and you have the Pentium 5 arriving this fall with AMD-compatible (most likely embraced and extended) 64-bit capabilities.

(Thanks to Perezoso for the tip.)

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