Intel lawyers attack... uh, what?

In the annals of "foxing," or legal shenanigans over alleged website copyright violations, this one has to rank right up there with the epsiode. Apparently, Intel, the CPU company, has sent this cease-and-desist letter to website, a publication devoted to the America's Army video game. The word "intel" in the case of this website, as you might expect, refers to intelligence information¬ólike one might expect to encounter in a simulation video game published by the U.S. Army. You can read the site operator's comments here.

My reaction upon hearing about this was, essentially, that either Intel's lawyers are flaming idiots or they believe they are attacking a fan site, neither of which is exactly stellar. But Geoff pointed out to me that there really is no "either-or" divide in this situation. I guess he's right. Blame The Inq for directing our attention to this one.

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