Grantsdale IGP goes multi-display

A report over at Xbit Labs suggests Intel's upcoming Grantsdale i915G chipset will support up to four monitors. The i915G's integrated graphics controller should support up to two VGA outputs out of the box, and special drivers are apparently in the works that will allow a dual-display-capable AGP card to be used in concert with the integrated graphics.

Conceptually, combining integrated and AGP graphics to support extra monitors is nothing new; ATI's SURROUNDVIEW technology enables essentially the same thing for three monitors with the Radeon 9100 IGP chipset. However, ATI has yet to release drivers that unleash the 9100 IGP's SURROUNDVIEW capabilities, and SURROUNDVIEW only works with ATI-powered graphics cards. If Intel manages to produce a wonder driver that will work any dual display-capable graphics card—regardless of manufacturer—Grantsdale could be a compelling option for multimonitor enthusiasts and businesses looking for a cheap way to power four monitors.

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