Intel to demo 64-bit CT tech at IDF is reporting that Intel will demo its 64-bit Pentium/Xeon technology, now code-named CT, at the Intel Developer Forum in mid-February. What's more, 64-bit CT tech may already be built into Prescott chips:
Analysts believe that as with hyperthreading, Vanderpool and LaGrande, Intel put the technology into chips but is waiting to enable it until necessary software support catches up. Insight64 analyst Nathan Brookwood and Glaskowsky believe CT was built into an upcoming Pentium 4 version called Prescott, due Feb. 2.
However, like Hyper-Threading, CT will probably remain dormant until a later rev of the chip, according to the CNET analyst trust, while Intel fine-tunes things.

This sounds like the last bit of the veil being torn away here. Intel looks primed to embrace AMD's approach to 64-bit computing in order to compete with AMD's Opteron and Athlon 64 chips.

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