For a long time around here, we've been contemplating the possiblity of a site redesign, and we've repeatedly decided that might be a good thing, but to heck with it. We don't really want to go to all the trouble unless we can manage a new look that doesn't upset the apple cart for folks who like the relatively clean, basic layout we have now. And we don't care to look just like every other site out there, either. Add to that the fact we have virtually no in-house design talent to speak of, and you get a very stable status quo.

The biggest reason for the lack of change, though, is probably because we haven't found the right graphic/web designer. What we want is someone whose portfolio of site designs will knock us on our butts, and whose price tag won't leave us there. We're talking about pro with real credentials and, one would hope, good knowledge of both HTML and PHP, plus mad PhotoShop skillz. And most importantly, we're after someone who can update our look and add a little spice without cluttering up the place or overdesigning things.

If you happen to know anyone who might fit this description, and who has the time and inclination to work with us, please shoot me some e-mail at Please, no mails asking me to leave the look as it is. I love you guys, but my kids have to eat, which means we must continue down the path of world conquest. This look will only take us so far.

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