ATI announces Mobility Radeon 9700

ATI has added a new graphics chip to its mobile family. The Mobility Radeon 9700 makes its debut today, and AnandTech has all the details. Contrary to its "9700" moniker, the new chip is actually the mobile version of ATI's Radeon 9600 XT, complete with a low-k die, but no Overdrive.

Though the ATI's mobile graphics chip naming scheme is a little bizarre, the Mobility Radeon 9700's performance looks impressive enough to warrant the name. Gamers shouldn't have to wait too long for the chip to make its way into readily available notebooks, either. European consumers will apparently be able to get their hands on Mobility Radeon 9700-powered notebooks as early as today, and wider laptop availability from a number of ATI's partners is expected over the next few weeks.

Update: The cold, HardOCP has taken a seat-of-their pants look at this new ATI mobile GPU, and the M9700 left a footprint:

I had enough time to load up four of our own games and get acquainted with the MR9700. The first game I loaded was Ubi's Splinter Cell. Quite frankly I knew that if it could deliver this game with any level of playability that we had a winner on our hands.
Sounds like this may make for the ultimate Quakecon computer.
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