Bring your Valentine to a LAN party!

The guys behind AMDZone are putting together a big LAN party in Austin, Texas that those of you in the neighborhood might want to check out. Here's the skinny, straight from the very professional looking press release (!) we just received:
AUSTIN, TX (Feb. 4th, 2004) - Austin, Texas will be home to one of the largest LAN Parties in Central Texas when the Texas Gaming Festival rocks the region with a three-day, mind-numbing LAN Gaming experience taking place February 13-15 24 hours a day!

TXGF is now accepting sign-ups for the BYOC LAN event as well as its many tournaments, which include the following games: Counterstrike; Battlefield 1942; Halo PC; Halo Xbox; Mario Kart: Double Dash; Quake 3 Arena; Mixed Couples Call of Duty; Unreal Tournament 2003; America's Army; Medal of Honor; Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory; Command and Conquer: Generals; Starcraft; Warcraft III; Mechwarrior 4; and Smash Brothers.

The headlining Counterstrike Tournament, sponsored by ATI, has a $5,000 purse. TXGF is set to attract clans from all around the country to come and compete for the money.

Sign up now, and reserve a spot for that special someone.
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