Anti-spyware program installs spyware app

Is there no escape? has discovered that some anti-spyware applications are themselves installing spyware apps. Speficially, a program known as SpyBan is named as an offender:
Information and links on SpyBan's Web site disappeared late on Monday, following inquiries from a CNET reporter. An e-mail to a generic "info" address at the SpyBan Web site elicited an initial reply, but the company did not reply to questions about its software.

Prior to going dark, the SpyBan Web site contained no information about its corporate parent, and the domain name database--Whois--that typically contains contact information for companies contained none for SpyBan.

CNET then traced SpyBan back to the same company that produces the spyware program that SpyBan seems to install, Look2Me. Both are apparently products of NicTech Networks in Minneapolis. Lovely people, I am sure.
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