I had hoped to have a review up for you guys today, but several factors, including a massive snowstorm here in Missouri, conspired to keep that from happening. Should have something for you early next week, though.

We did, however, find time to revise the forum rules ever-so slightly and link to them more prominently around the site. I think the rules are fair and sufficent without going into excruciating, scholastic detail on every subject. I would like to note a couple of things about them. First, they apply to both forums and news comments, in case that was somehow unclear. Second, we've added a little bit in there about profanity. Please try to keep the potty mouth to a minimum in your posts. Do it for the children!

Finally, one more reminder about how the comments system works. You need to set your options in order to see posts that have been modded in various ways. We get way too many accusations about deleted posts from folks who haven't set their options and don't understand what the story is. We do use the mod tags, so please set your options as you want them.

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