The Inq digs up NV40, NV45 details

The new GPUs for Spring are coming, and as always, it's one of the more intriguing stories of the season. Fudo and the gang at the Inq have managed to unearth some rumored details about the NV40 and NV45, NVIDIA's upcoming successors to the NV3x series. The NV40 will support the Pixel Shader 3.0 spec already built into DirectX 9, and will have insanely high memory speeds in its Ultra incarnation—up to an effective 1200MHz with GDDR2 or 3 memory, if all goes as planned. Also, the catchphrase "Silent Running" has been bandied about with reference to the cards, apparently in connection with a quieter GPU cooler. Launch date is rumored at March 18, during CeBit, with products on store shelves in April.

As for NV45, that's the PCI Express version with very similar performance to NV40. NVIDIA has reportedly been working with Intel on PCI Express validation—no big surprise there. The Inq's moles expect NV45 to ship in April, as well, alongside the first PCI Express chipsets and mobos. As you might expect, the Ultra version will come with 256MB of RAM on a 256-bit interface and retail for a princely $499. No word on whether the PCI Express implementation is bridged AGP or native.

The Inq seems to have more NV bits up its sleeve, so keep an eye out for them.

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