IBM's 0.13-micron success rate revealed

IBM has become a popular foundry partner of late, with Apple, Microsoft, and NVIDIA all tapping the company's fabrication technology. However, while IBM is experiencing exceptional success with its own SOI 0.13-micron designs, some of its customers haven't been so lucky. Electronic News reports:
IBM is achieving 95 percent first time right silicon for its 0.13-micron designs, but when it comes to foundry customers the figure goes down to 5 percent, Tom Reeves, VP and general manager of IBM's ASIC division told the Globalpress Summit Conference in Monterey, Calif., this week.
NVIDIA has been lucky so far; IBM got the NV36 graphics chip right on the first spin, and A01 silicon made its way into retail GeForce FX 5700 products.

The article also confirms that IBM is about to deliver production volumes of SOI 0.09-micron G5 chips to Apple. These chips are, of course, based on IBM's PowerPC 970 design. Expect the new G5s to show up, at least initially, in Apple's G5 Xserve systems.

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