AMD to spit fire

As this ZDNet article reminds us, AMD's Athlon-based answer to Intel's new PIII-derived Celerons is on the way. Armed with an on-die L2 cache, .18u goodness, and a 200MHz system bus, the "Spitfire" CPUs look to me like the Next Big Thing. If this chip performs as expected, it'll be the ticket for gamers, overclockers, and home users. Plus everyone else, except possibly Mac users.

I should mention one correction to the info in the article, however, from JC's: "The article suggests that Spitfire will have 128KB L2 cache, but nearly every other source out there has screamed that it'll have a total of 192KB on-die cache -- 64KB Data L1, 64KB Instruction L1, and 64KB Unified L2." So nyaah.

While you're thinking about AMD, check out this article about "Colonel" Sanders' amazing marketing abilities¬óno mention of the 11 secret herbs and spices, though. We all know that's the secret.

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