R420, RV380, RV370 specs unveiled

AnandTech has published some interesting information a number of ATI's upcoming GPUs, including R420, RV370, and RV380. Here's a quick summary of some of the goodies:

  Core clock (MHz) Pixel pipelines Vertex Shaders Memory clock (MHz) Memory bus width (bits)
RV370 250 4 2 400 64/128-bit
RV380 ~500 4 2 ~800 128-bit
R420 ~500 8 6 1000 256-bit
ATI will reportedly offer two versions of its new high-end chip; R420 will come with an AGP 8X interface, while R423 will work with PCI Express.

AnandTech's preview of ATI's upcoming chips goes into detail onto transistor counts and fabrication technology, and also looks forward to RV420 and R480. Check it out.

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