Intel to bring Centrino to the desktop?

According to this story over at The Inquirer, Intel will finally announce Centrino-based desktop products at this week's Intel Developer Conference. The article is a little short on details, but also suggests that Intel may integrate as many as four Pentium M cores on a single processor die sometime next year.

The Pentium M might not be the fastest processor on the block, but the chip's low power consumption and relatively cool operating temperatures make it an ideal candidate for silent home-theater PCs and basic desktop systems. Given the chip's notebook roots, manufacturers should be able to squeeze the Pentium M into all sorts of interesting form factors, too.

If Intel does introduce Pentium M-based desktop products, they'll have to be very careful about how the chips are marketed given the Pentium M's lower clock speeds but higher clock-for-clock performance. With Pentium 4 chips currently available as fast as 3.4GHz and Pentium Ms topping out at 1.7GHz, Intel may have to start preaching about the MHz Myth to move Centrino effectively onto the desktop.

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