MSN to phase out pop-up ads

Microsoft will reportedly eliminate pop-up advertising from its MSN web sites. MSN's UK, Nordic, and Belgian sites will apparently be cleansed of annoying pop-ups first, with other global sites following suit shortly.
"[We have] taken the decision to no longer sell pop-up and pop-under ads. Local countries will make the change at the best time to suit their local market needs and to meet pre existing arrangements with MSN customers," a spokesperson said.
With Microsoft reportedly integrating a pop-up blocker into the next version of Internet Explorer, it was really only a matter of time before the company discarded pop-ups. Despite the fact Microsoft is lauding its new policy as a win for consumers, the company is working on new ways to inundate users with advertising:
Microsoft has recently been working with online ad developers, Unicast, to come up with a new kind of adverts for the web.

They have been trialling 30 second-long TV-style ads that appear at random when users click on certain websites.

The new video ads are being tested on 15 sites over the next five weeks, including MSN, ABCNews, Pepsi and Honda.

You can bet pop-up blockers won't stop those new ad formats from loading. I think I'm actually going to miss pop-ups.
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