The decline of Maximum PC mag?

There's a thread over at the HardOCP forum that caught my eye. The initial poster offers his considered and not terribly flattering opinion of the latest issue of Maximum PC, then the thread erupts into a broader discussion of discontent with the mag's recent direction. Like a white moth to flaming rice, so Scott Tarr to a UBB discussion. Soon, the MaxPC "Online Editor" jumps in with both feet, and the battle is joined. Only in the age of the Internet, folks. Big fun!

I have to admit, I liked MaxPC better when it was boot magazine. Back then, the interviews were the heart of the mag's content, and they were good enough to carry it. I never did like Shel-whatshername's "I am the knowledge class" web columns about, well, anything that's on the web, but I've always liked Tom Halfhill's stuff, so it was a wash. Since the MaxPC change, however, real content seems to have thinned out, and the interviews have dried up.

Of course, I'm probably a little too close to the biz to judge, so I'll throw this one open to the crowd. Any opinions on the fate of MaxPC mag?

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