ATI, TiVo to offer HDTV recording

ATI has announced a new addition to its All-in-Wonder family that adds support for HDTV reception and recording. Here's a snip from the press release:
In addition to supporting analog NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) cable, the HDTV WONDER add-in video card allows consumers to experience the new ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) digital, free-to-air HDTV broadcasts without having to subscribe to cable or satellite subscription services. HDTV WONDER offers the best advanced personal video recorder (PVR) on the PC today enabling consumers to watch, pause and record both analog and HDTV programs -- powerful features beyond the capabilities of most current consumer and PC-based appliances. Additionally, HDTV WONDER leverages the PC’s capabilities by offering the ability to archive content directly to DVD for personal use. HDTV WONDER complements ATI’s RADEON™ line of video cards that deliver the industry’s only full HDTV decoder and display capabilities.

The HDTV Wonder will be available in the spring as both a standalone product, and also integrated into select All-in-Wonder cards, but it won't be the only HDTV PVR solution in town. Wired is reporting that TiVo will get into the high definition game with a new model that can record up to 30 hours of HDTV. With a price tag of $1000, TiVo's HDTV PVR won't come cheap, but with multiple tuners the device will be able to record two programs simultaneously.

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