Intel details Centrino successor

The Register has the goods on Centrino's "Sonoma" successor, which is pegged for launch this fall. In addition to including Intel's new Dothan Pentium M processor, Sonoma will feature an updated "Alviso" chipset with a 533MHz front-side bus and support for DDR2 memory. Alviso will also come with DirectX 9-compatible integrated graphics, Gigabit Ethernet, Serial ATA and PCI Express interfaces, and Intel's new Azalia high-definition audio. In the WiFi department, Sonoma will integrate a tri-band 802.11 module and hardware-based AES encryption.

Centrino has already made a huge splash in the notebook world, and it looks like Sonoma brings a lot of new goodies to the table. The possibility of having high-definition audio in a laptop is especially enticing considering the quality, or lack thereof, of many notebook audio implementations.

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