Wireless USB set to kill BlueTooth

Check out this article on Intel's push for Wireless USB. One of the many newsy bits to come out of the Intel Developer Forum this week is Intel's backing for a new Bluetooth replacement standard that offers more bandwidth and better interoperability between devices. Key to the new standard is an affinity with USB 2.0:
Part of this design allows the solutions to look like USB 2.0 ports to the system. This commonality to an existing, accepted, specification creates a faster time to market for the related devices. By using the USB 2.0 specification Intel can also sidestep many of the software compatibility issues that other emerging connectivity solutions--like Bluetooth--experienced.
Unfortunately, Intel had to step around a deadlocked IEEE working group to make this happen, but the potential benefits seem worthy. Of course, the article notes, we won't really be "wireless" until we figure out how to deliver power to devices, as well.
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