Vaporware peddler threatens real lawsuit

Infinium Labs seems to have its collective panties in a bunch over an an article at the [H] and is threatenting to unleash a lawsuit. Rumor has it the lawsuit will include state-of-the-art claims litigated by former Microsoft attorneys and supported by custom legal briefs from NVIDIA and AMD. No word yet on when the suit will actually be filed, but it promises to be a doozy.

(Note: Some kidding above.)

Update: NewsForge has its own take on the tensions between Infinium Labs and the OCP:

Since I certainly wouldn't want to get a letter like that, let's state for the record that I think Infinium Labs is great, and that when its CEO, Tim Roberts, told me in person he had $25 million in venture capital behind him, and it later turned out he didn't, I must have misunderstood him.

I would also like to state for the record that at a later date, when Mr. Roberts and one of his associates told me -- again in person -- that they had signed up 12 game publishers for their service, and gradually backed down under further questioning until they only claimed a deal with one, I must have had wax in my ears or something.

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