Intel prepares Centrino marketing blitz

Intel is planning to push its Centrino brand with a new wave of advertising that highlights the bundle's WiFi capabilities. Centrino has had a lot of success with businesses, but North American consumers have apparently found Pentium 4 systems more attractive than Pentium M-based notebooks. Oddly enough, it appears notebook shoppers are paying less attention to weight and battery life, which some would argue are a notebook's most important attributes.
Larger-sized notebooks, used as replacements for desktops, have become popular instead. Models such as Hewlett-Packard's Pavilion zd7000, are relatively inexpensive, but offer screens of up to 17 inches and processor speeds of up to 3.2GHz, matching many of the desktops they replace. These features increase notebooks size and weight and decrease battery life, but many buyers don't seem to mind, PC makers have said.
The relatively high price of Centrino-based notebooks may also be influencing notebook purchasing decisions, too. In December, the average selling price for Centrino-based systems was almost 20% higher than for other notebooks .
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