HP announces Opteron-based Proliant servers

Well, we knew to expect it soon, and it didn't take long at all. HP has just announced Opteron-based Proliant servers. A snippet from the press release:
As part of today's announcement, HP introduced new industry-standard ProLiant servers featuring the AMD Opteron processor, including the ProLiant DL145, a two-processor server, and DL585, a four-processor workhorse, as well as plans for future blade servers
So the co-creator of Itanium has bought into AMD's 64-bit solution. The product introduction is part of a collaboration agreement between HP and AMD. As they put it, "The companies have agreed to work together to drive next-generation server capabilities through a multi-year purchasing, marketing and technology collaboration agreement."

Intriguing. First AMD and Sun, and now this. Now folks will be talking even more about when Dell will cave in and join the party, but they're forgetting Dell is a de facto distribution arm for Intel and not much more. Dell supporting AMD64 is about as likely as Intel doing so. Then again, Intel has already announced its support.

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