KC TR get-together on Tuesday

HowardDrake's world tour 2004 will be making a stop through Kansas City this coming Tuesday, March 2 for a visit to Damage Labs and, if he escapes, a bona-fide TR get-together that evening. HowardDrake, Andy "Dr. Evil" Brown, and I will be in attendance, and we'd like to get as many TR readers in the area to attend as possible on relatively short notice.

We will be meeting at the always excellent McCoy's in Westport for dinner, microbrewed beverages, and general hanging out. (It will be Truck Stop Tuesday at McCoys, and if you attend, you *must* have the meat loaf. Mmmm... loaf. It's fantastic. Really.) We plan on starting at 6:00PM and ending in time for HowardDrake to catch his 11:40PM bus for the next city.

I will be the guy who looks like me wearing the TR shirt. We should be fairly easy to locate. I'll see about wearing a dorky hat or something to make things easier.

If you plan on attending, RSVP with a post in this forum thread (not the news comments), so we know a rough idea of how many to expect. We will also post updates and changes of plan to that thread as needed. If you're in the area, please do plan to stop by, if even just to say hi for a few minutes.

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